From 1981 to 1994, Rev. Dr. Guy Chevreau served as a local church pastor. In 1994, the Lord began sending him to a broad cross-section of churches and denominational associations as a conference and keynote speaker — he has taught and preached in 34 countries, and over 300 different churches. ​

Guy is also an author of nine published books — Catch the Fire, Pray with Fire, Share the Fire, We Dance Because We Cannot Fly, Turnings, Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus, Vital Signs, Out from the Rough (fiction), and It’s Not Fair.
Restoration is the common thread that runs through all his writings.

​He is ever grateful for his two adult children, Graham and Caitlin, and his wife, Kerry, with whom he shares one exquisite grace after another.


Kev's career has spanned many spheres, coming to Canada from the UK where he worked for the National Health Service, as well as running a graphics and web design agency with his wife, Ellie. Kev's vocation as a church and worship leader came through his time at a large Baptist Church in the south-east of England, where he served as Elder (2010-2017) and Worship Leader (2004-2018) and Worship Pastor (2012-2017).

Kev is passionate about harnessing music and creativity to make us more aware of the tangible presence of God. He brings a vision for authentic family within churches and community.

The thread of Kev's worship style is to aim to change the atmosphere, both that we find ourselves in, and that we carry into each of our worlds. He is excited to be a part of the creation of an atmosphere at YLF that will reach out to the surrounding community.

He recently moved from the UK with his wife Ellie, and two children, Aaron and Jessie, excited at the prospect of being a part of this new church called YLF.



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