Waiting - A response to Yonge and Finch

James Sholl sensitively talks through his response to the tragic incident at Yonge and Finch, capturing the raw nature of our feelings on this evening two days after.

Waiting on the Promise  - How do I wait?

We're talking about how we wait on God's promises.  This week, Kev shares some of the ways he tries to wait on God's promises without losing hope, faith, or his mind. 

Love | The Cross

At a recent Good Friday service, Guy constructed a roman cross during the talk. Whilst the talk continued, he noticed something unique about the shape of the grain in the cross-beam. It prompted us to make this short clip. The message of the love Jesus poured out on the cross is there for us to see...

Guy speaking on "Family Culture"

Guy speaking at St John's York Mills about family culture. A talk he had previously shared at the YLF wednesday "Breathe" worship time. This describes a key value that we hold at YLF, and something on which we want to be continually challenged as we develop our response to what God is doing. 

Kev's Testimony - 'Prodigal'

Here's an insight into Kev's past and how Jesus met with him. We believe that testimony and life story is God saying "I'll do this again" and pray that it will reach out to you as you watch this from the perspectives of both Kev and his parents.



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