The Kingdom of Heaven is Upon You

Guy explains that the God's unconditional Love is available to all of us through the gifts of freedom, peace, love, joy, mercy and forgiveness. However, for us to receive these gifts, we must release the heavy burdens we take on ourselves such as self-centredness, resentment, anger, and control.


When I think back on my life -- especially the dark and desperate times -- what has made the difference was that someone went for a walk with me; someone fed me; someone took me for a pint. I have very little memory of what anyone said to me. But I do remember those who listened attentively. It was their practical kindness that made the difference.

The wonderful thing is that kindness isn’t tricky. It isn’t sophisticated. It doesn’t require a great deal of wisdom, or insight, or discernment. In fact, it’s quite hard to get kindness wrong.While it’s simple, kindness has a profound effect on us. If we’re unfortunate enough to come under another person’s judgement, it causes us to shut down, to withdraw, to try to protect ourselves. Kindness does just the opposite, and then some. Its influence can open us up, call us out, and call forth the best in us. (more…)