Exciting news: Recovery two comes to YLF!

We've all known, or (like me) been someone with an addiction issue, or some sort of compulsive behaviour, right? My story is certainly punctuated with addiction issues that threatened my wellbeing, my relationships, and ultimately my life. So it only felt right that as a church Committed to Kindness, we should link up with the UK Recovery Course folks, and bring it over to Toronto.

This course brings the well-known twelve steps of recovery to life with a Christ-centred approach. We will eat together, hear a message on recovery, and then have time in same-sex groups to talk through our own journeys and take this road together.

The course will be starting this fall, so watch this space for more information. In the meantime, check out some of the stories that have come out of the UK Recovery course. We believe there are more stories to come!

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